Does Emma Thompson’s “Men in Black” Return Open the Door For More Cameos?

Matthew Loffhagen
Columbia Pictures
(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

With every passing day, the “Men in Black” reboot gets more appealing. As if things weren’t exciting enough, Emma Thompson has now signed on to reprise the role of O.

Thompson’s appearance in the movie makes perfect sense.

The story is apparently set at the London branch of the organization, and considering that Thompson is herself British, it would make sense that her character would have ties to this part of the world and the agents who operate there.

Plus, there’s the benefit of Thompson’s not inconsequential talent. She’s a wonderful actor, and she’ll bring something really special to the movie.

Perhaps the most tantalizing prospect, though, is the fact that if O is returning, it means that there’s room for more cameos.

A Big Wide World

This movie is, we can now safely assume, set within the same universe as the existing “Men in Black” films.

(Instead of its own continuity, or, say, the world of the creepy yet wonderful ‘90s animated series.)

This decision could well be a response to the outrage caused by Paul Feig’s 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot. People like to see an interconnected universe, rather than a complete clean slate.

This certainly matches my interests. I’m thrilled that the world of the original “Men in Black” trilogy will continue to exist.

While most people are less than ecstatic about the place this series ended up, I’ve always enjoyed the second and third movies in the franchise. I’m happy to see the formula get shaken up in this latest movie, but it’d be nice to see a few nods to previous instalments in the series.

Maybe I just want to see Frank the Pug turn up. Is that such a bad thing?

It’s possible that we won’t get any other noteworthy characters from the “Men in Black” franchise in this new movie. I can see the benefit of building up new heroes, rather than relying on nostalgia for a series that isn’t all that well remembered.

If this is the case, and Thompson is the only returning face this time around, I think she’s the perfect actor to bring back.

Agent O is a relevant part of “Men in Black 3”, but her presence wouldn’t distract quite as much as, say, Agents J or K. We can assume that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith exist somewhere in this universe, still having their own weird and wonderful adventures.

Meanwhile, Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are starting a new chapter for “Men in Black” fans to enjoy.

A few years ago, there were rumblings of a “Men in Black” crossover with “21 Jump Street”.

I’m so glad that didn’t happen. This upcoming movie looks so much better.

Even if it doesn’t feature an adorable talking pug.