Does This New Set Video From ‘Infinity War’ Confirm a Popular Spider-Man Fan Theory?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Is Spider-Man about to get the Venom suit?

We’ve seen a few brief glimpses of Tom Holland on the set of Infinity War thus far, but he’s always been deliberately wrapped up in a big, conspicuous coat to keep his costume a secret.

Now, though, in a new promotional video for a contest run by Omaze, Robert Downey Jr makes a mess of the movie’s set for our entertainment, and we finally get a good look at Holland’s motion capture gear.

This time, it seems, Tom is in full mo-cap for Infinity War, which fans have speculated about up until now. When Holland performed as Spider-Man on set in Civil War and Homecoming, he wore either a stand-in Spidey costume, or a red and blue motion capture morph suit.

For this new movie, though, Holland is dressed from head to toe in black. This would make sense if he’ll be picking up the Venom symbiote at some point in Infinity War – after all, in the comics, the symbiote attaches to Peter while he’s travelling off-world in an intergalactic battleground.

If this is the case, it’s likely that the sequel to Homecoming will provide a redo of Spider-Man 3, as Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios try to fix what went wrong with Sam Raimi’s final Spider-Man movie.

Of course, with Sony trying to rush out their own Venom movie, there’s a chance that the studio that owns the rights to Spider-Man, notoriously fond of shooting itself in the foot, will be trying to compete with Marvel (and itself) by getting Venom back on the big screen first.

If this is the case, good luck Sony – Marvel is rarely beaten when it comes to this kind of thing, and your first attempt at Venom didn’t exactly go well.

Also, stop trying to compete with the MCU! You’re literally already going to get more money for Homecoming 2 than you will for any other movie you release over the next five years!

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