Does “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Really Need a Revival?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Of all the things to be announced at Comic-Con, I was not expecting a revival of “The Clone Wars”.

Some argue that the show was cancelled before its time. Many plot threads were left dangling, including the fate of Darth Maul, Saw Gerrera, and Ahsoka Tano. Instead, Lucasfilm forged onwards with “Star Wars: Rebels”, a show which has also now run its course and concluded in a far more definitive manner.

It seems that showrunner Dave Filoni never really got over the abrupt end to “The Clone Wars”, as he’s now throwing himself into finishing the show’s story. A trailer at Comic-Con has revealed that The Clone Wars” is coming back and that (almost) nothing has changed.

Out of Left Field

It’s unexpected that Lucasfilm would want to revisit this time period.

Or, rather, it’s unexpected that Disney would let them.

The Prequel Trilogy hasn’t enjoyed a lot of love since George Lucas sold his most popular IP to the House of Mouse. Disney seems determined to brush “Attack of the Clones” and all connected stories under the rug.

This is likely because of an impression among “Star Wars” fans that these movies are less than stellar. Disney would rather focus on emulating the look and feel of The Original Trilogy instead.

Perhaps things have shifted in the wake of fan response response to “The Last Jedi”. It does seem that a large contingent of the “Last Jedi” haters express a nostalgic fondness for the Prequels instead.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the “Clone Wars” revival is spurred on by a desire to placate grumpy fans who miss the adventures of Anakin Skywalker. Strange as it may sound to some “Star Wars” fans, this era really does have its supporters.

The big question, though, is whether this particular show really needs a revival in order to have a satisfying conclusion.

Nothing More to Say?

Many of the loose threads from the end of “The Clone Wars” have since been addressed in “Star Wars: Rebels”. Ahsoka’s occasional appearance in the newer cartoon has thrilled fans, and Maul finally got his chance at revenge against Obi Wan Kenobi in the show as well.

Some characters (I won’t specify in case of spoilers) also show up in the modern Disney “Star Wars” prequel films, “Rogue One” and “Solo”. Yes, both of these are technically prequels too, in spite of their very different tone.

Besides, it’s hard to deny that we all know where “The Clone Wars” is heading anyway. The show exists as a stop-gap, filling in the period of time between “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith”.

Thus, we know that (spoiler alert) things will come to a head when Commander Cody shoots Obi Wan out of the sky, and Anakin goes postal on a bunch of Younglings.

In my opinion, what might have been more interesting is a show set immediately after “Revenge of the Sith”. Something called, say, “Order 66”, in which the Clone Troopers from “The Clone Wars” are tasked with hunting down and destroying the remaining Jedi Knights.

This would provide us with an opportunity to see many of the key characters from “The Clone Wars” again, but in a new context, with a different focus.

Perhaps this series might be a little too dark and sinister to appeal to a younger audience, but I think that with the right focus, it would work.

Nevertheless, I’m sure fans of “The Clone Wars” will enjoy this new revival. Any show in which Jabba the Hutt has an adorable baby named Stinky is okay in my book.