The 1st Official ‘Terminator 6’ Image Teases Terminator-Human Hybrid Character

Matthew Loffhagen
Terminator 6 Official
(Photo: Terminator 6 Official)

The first official photo of “Terminator 6” is here.

If you’d thought that we’d already seen something of this movie, you’re right. Security has not been all that tight on-set, and plenty of leaked photos have been sneaking out over the past few weeks.

But, now we finally have an official look at the movie, and everyone’s excited about Mackenzie Davis.

It was noticeable before in leaked photos, but now it’s very clear. Davis’ character sports a series of symmetrical scars that suggest she’s had some major surgery.

This naturally leads to the question of whether Davis is some kind of cyborg. Has she been augmented with Terminator tech?

If so, she wouldn’t be the first character in the series to suffer this fate. But, this is significant as it could well play into the plot of the film.

In discussing “Terminator 6”, James Cameron has stated that this movie will be about the way that we interact with technology in the modern world.

If the original “Terminator” films were about society’s fears that computers would replace us, “Terminator 6” is to be about how machines as so ubiquitous that we can’t live without them.

Thus, the cyborg idea makes sense. It’s a metaphor for how we’re all constantly glued to our phones, or something.

Technology Bad?

I’m interested to see what Cameron and director Tim Miller come up with when exploring this theme.

This is far from new ground for political commentary. What’s more, the “Terminator” franchise lacks the opportunity for the kind of nuance that we see in the average episode of “Black Mirror”.

Terminator 6 Official
Source: 20th Century Fox

I also wonder just how much Cameron has his finger on the pulse of the modern discussion surrounding technology. Certainly, his plan to make four more “Avatar” movies suggests that he’s grown a little detached from society. I’m not sure if he’s in the right place to comment on the modern use of computers considering that he’s busy building giant sprawling CGI worlds for his ongoing “Fern Gulley” reboot.

But, hey, Cameron has directed two of the most financially successful movies in history. He probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, Miller did “Deadpool”, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

This could be a great blockbuster action movie. How it’ll stack up as social commentary remains to be seen.

So long as it’s better than “Terminator Genysis”, I’ll be happy.