Does The New “Infinity War” Trailer Spoil The Whole Movie?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

The newest trailer for “Infinity War” is enough to get anybody hyped. Based on this new glimpse at the upcoming movie, it’s safe to say that everything Marvel has put together is going to be an impressive ride.

There’s just one problem – fans have spotted a few key moments in the trailer that seems to indicate big spoilers for the upcoming movie.

Not to delve too deep into the pit of fan theory and speculation, it looks like a few major characters might be about to end up in significant peril.

Then die. That’s the key. Viewers of the trailer think it shows off the death of some key Avengers.

So what’s the deal? Why has Marvel decided to spoil these important moments from the movie in a trailer?

It’s certainly true that the studio has been letting slip a lot of the story beats for the movie in various forms. We know a lot about what characters will do, what action scenes will occur, and what motivation there will be for these things to happen (again, trying really hard not to give spoilers!).

Throughout production of the film, Marvel was incredibly secretive about everything. Many of the actors in the movie said that they didn’t even get to see a full script, and only got their pages of dialogue the day before filming.

Infinity War Thor Having a Bad Time
Source: Marvel

So what’s changed? Why in Marvel suddenly so cavalier about spoilers? Character deaths in the trailer of not, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the new trailer is filled with big, important moments that would probably have been more fun if they were actually a surprise in the final film.

This, it seems, is the result of the marketing team. While Marvel Studios’ production department has been locked down throughout, someone at Disney has to decide how much of this film can be shown off in trailers, and how much information should be shared with prospective ticket-buyers.

Avengers Infinity War Cap VS Thanos
Source: Marvel

As much fun as it might be for this movie to be a genuine surprise to audiences, this is somewhat against Marvel’s business model. Heck, the end of “Captain America: The First Avenger” has a trailer for “The Avengers” – this is a franchise that’s as much built on commercials as it is on actual storytelling!

It’s not too surprising that so much has been given away about this film. That said, in balance, considering the size and scope of the movie, we’ve probably only seen a small glimpse of what’s coming in the final film.

If fans think they’ve spotted some key scenes that’ll happen in the movie, they probably haven’t seen anything yet. Marvel has a lot more stuff that’s being kept a secret, just to make the film feel like a huge surprise regardless of how many trailers people have seen!