Does The World Really Need a Revival of “The Office”?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: NBC)

Apparently, for no particular reason, “The Office” might be returning to our televisions, in the form of a brand new revival.

Okay, so perhaps there is an obvious reason for an attempt at a triumphant return to the small screen – NBC wants more money.

While nothing has been officially announced just yet, reports are emerging which suggests that the network is looking to bring back the popular sitcom.

Apparently, some older cast members will be returning (although not Steve Carell, who has already definitively stated that he won’t be reprising his role as Michael Scott), but the show will also play host to a collection of new characters, created specially for this revival.

One has to wonder what hope NBC has of actually making this show work for them, or of succeeding in getting this new spin on a still lukewarm property to actually connect with audiences.

The Office Original Cast
Source: NBC

After all, “The Office” isn’t a show like “Twin Peaks”, “Fuller House”, or “Arrested Development” – it’s neither dripping in nostalgia for an era long past, not brimming with opportunities as a result of its Before-Its-Time cancellation.

The show was only cancelled in 2013; as such, it’s not been gone long enough for anyone to even care. Heck, half of the show’s potential audience probably hasn’t noticed that it’s no longer in production at the moment.

Any attempt to bring back parts of the original cast will ultimately fall flat. Nobody’s interested in a partial, fractured facsimile of a show that’s already worn out its welcome.

Michael Scott
Source: NBC

The big reason why “The Office” was cancelled in the first place was because things didn’t work too well without Carell, so ditching yet more members of the original cast feels like a recipe for failure.

Nevertheless, good luck NBC – if you’re really eager to try and make this happen, please at least offer up a more diverse cast of actors, so that the show can bring in new ideas and performances, without everything feeling stale.

Alternatively, just make an entirely new show that has nothing to do with “The Office” whatsoever. We’re all well aware that this is just an attempt to cash in on a popular brand name, after all.

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