Does The World Really Need “Zombieland 2”?

Matthew Loffhagen
Columbia Pictures
(Photo: Columbia Pictures)

“Zombieland 2” is on the way, and according to a rumored plot leak shared by Splash Report, we already have a vague idea of what’s going to happen in the movie.

Apparently, the movie is going to be called “Zombieland Too” (because why not?). The plot will involve a rescue mission for Little Rock after she runs off with an unnamed survivor that they meet along the way.

Also, there will be fewer zombies, because that makes sense, but the zombies that remain will be “28 Days Later” style “super zombies”, in order to make things more exciting.

Having read through the entirety of this supposed press leak, I’m hesitant to take any of this at face value. I don’t think I’ll believe that this really is the plot of the movie until I’m in the theater watching it unfold.

Nevertheless, I find myself wondering, is there really a need for a sequel to the original “Zombieland”?

Everything Needs a Sequel?

Nearly ten years have passed since the first film in this series debuted in theaters. Many of the cast members have gone on to bigger and better things, and some have even managed to peak and become incredibly unlikable. I’m looking at you, Jesse Eisenberg.

Because the world of “Zombieland” essentially boils down to the idea of a funny zombie apocalypse, the big draw here would be seeing where the main cast of characters have ended up over the past decade.

Zombieland Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson
Source: Columbia Pictures

So, this film will only be worthwhile if all the actors want to sign on to a sequel this long after the fact, and if people are actually invested enough in the characters to want to see more of them.

Honestly, I’m all for a “Zombieland” sequel, but I’d be just as happy if a second movie in this franchise were completely unconnected from the first.

Imagine, instead of watching Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone battle their way through hordes of undead monsters, if we got a completely different group of actors in for the sequel?

Rather than revisiting the same few survivors from last time, I’d like to see the writers and director of the first movie to return, but with a different main cast.

This would provide an opportunity for a different dynamic between characters, and a bunch of new jokes that wouldn’t be possible if the sequel sticks with the same actors.

What Makes “Zombieland” Great?

I suppose the question is, what exactly is the main draw of “Zombieland”? Is it the characters, or the humor?

Personally, I think the reason the first movie felt so fresh was because of the style of the storytelling, and I’m hesitant to try revisiting this after so long with the same established characters.

If we are to get another of these films, let it be something unique. Otherwise, this will end up going down in history as the “Zombieland” movie that’s basically the same as the first, but with less Bill Murray.

Nobody wants to see that.