Don’t Blame Gillian Anderson For the Cancellation of “The X-Files”

Matthew Loffhagen
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Fans of “The X-Files” are understandably upset at the moment. The revival of the seminal ‘90s show has come to an end, and many are blaming lead actor Gillian Anderson.

Anderson made it clear a while ago that she wasn’t going to return to the show for another season. Plenty of people behind the scenes were eager to discuss how the show could continue in her absence, and for a while, it seemed like we might be subjected to a show that centered entirely around David Duchovny looking sad as his character searches the globe for Scully.

Mulder and Scully
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Boy am I glad we’re never going to see that show.

Again. Season two had enough of that already.

With the cancellation of a future twelfth season, many fans are blaming Gillian Anderson. If only she’d signed on to do another batch of episodes, we could have had more “X-Files” adventures!

Anderson herself is eager to point out that her exit isn’t the one that matters. What’s more important is the fact that 77% of the audience from season ten disappeared by the time season eleven rolled around.

It’s hard to argue with viewing figures.

Season ten of “The X-Files” pulled in around 10 million views per episode, while season eleven managed just 3 million.

It’s no surprise that the show would get cancelled, considering how quickly the audience was evaporating.

The Danger of Bad Writing

So if you’re sad about “The X-Files” going away again, don’t be mad at Gillian Anderson. Instead, turn your blame to the show’s writers, who made a universally reviled season ten that killed enthusiasm for future instalments.

The X-Files Mulder and Scully
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Even if season eleven managed to be better, it was too late. Most people had already turned away from the show, and it was enough to finally kill “The X-Files” all over again.

It’d be nice to live in a different world, where season ten managed to live up to the hype. Alas, this isn’t the case.

So if you’re looking for someone to blame over all this, don’t point the finger at Anderson. It’s not her fault “The X-Files” is going away again. She just had the common sense to flee the sinking ship before anybody else.