Drinking Tips from Leonardo DiCaprio

Matt Dekneef

Leonardo DiCaprio is looking forward to the Golden Globes this Sunday and it isn’t just because of his Best Actor award nomination for The Wolf of Wall Street, the venue’s got an open bar! Also, hi, sign us up!

“It’s a much more calm atmosphere. Everyone has a drink at their table, we’re eating, we’re all socializing, we’re not sitting in an auditorium,” Leo told MTV News. “It’s a lot more relaxed and a lot more fun.”

That said, he’s kind of a seasoned pro at these shindigs for Hollywood’s glitterati and he shared his words of wisdom from the trenches of awards season.

“You don’t want to go above three [alcoholic drinks],” Leo advised. “Two takes the edge off. Three, you’re going up onstage and doing something silly.”

Leo will probably be winning, not embarrassing himself at the Golden Globes this Sunday on NBC.

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