Drones Are the Newest Celebrity Obsession

Madison Vanderberg
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SoulCycle, juice cleanses and St. Tropez…these are just a FEW of Hollywood’s current obsessions…but the newest trend sweeping Hollywood? It’s DRONES!

Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

Drones are the hot new fad in Hollywood. Paparazzi are sending remote-controlled drones over celebrity homes and into spaces where cameras typically can’t go, but most celebs are FURIOUS about this new robotic intrusion.


Miley Cyrus spotted a drone above her house and said, “Drone Pap wtf.”


This pap sent a drone above Selena Gomez’s NY photo shoot for top secret shots.


Kanye West went OFF on drones in a recent deposition, saying quote, “Is YOUR daughter being stalked by drones!”



However, Martha Stewart is actually a HUGE fan of drones, she literally wrote an article entitled, “Why I Love My Drone.”

So, the verdict on drones…cool or nah?

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