‘Edge of Tomorrow’ 2 Will Fix the First Movie’s Weird Ending, Claims Screenwriter

Matthew Loffhagen
Edge of Tomorrow
(Photo: Edge of Tomorrow)

An abysmal marketing campaign aside, Edge of Tomorrow is actually a pretty decent little sci-fi movie, with one major exception.

Spoiler warning, by the way, for the entirety of the film, but particularly for its last five minutes.

In Edge of Tomorrow, a smiley, slightly creepy looking Tom Cruise type character (played by Tom Cruise) has to fight a war against a bunch of time-travelling aliens. After getting covered in alien blood, he discovers that, to his surprise, he just evolved into Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Put simply, it’s what would happen if you made a movie about a video game – fight aliens, die, respawn, do the same again.

At the end of the movie, the Tom Cruise character (whatever his name is – we all just think of Tom Cruise roles as interchangeable anyway) does a heroic thing and kills the alien queen of whatever, and boom! Suddenly, Tom has travelled back in time two days, to long before any of this beautiful nonsense got started.

Fans who’d been enjoying themselves up to this point in the movie were ultimately left puzzled by this scene at the time of their first viewing, and there’s not been a comfortable explanation for this random extra burst of time travel just yet – except, of course, that it neatly ties a bow on a movie that, thanks to its central premise, is difficult to conclude in a satisfying manner.

But, because the movie wasn’t universally hated, it’s getting a sequel, and that means trying to unpick this awkward happy ending in order to provide a new time-travelling threat that’s going to make for an enjoyable movie.

Enter Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote the original Edge of Tomorrow, and who is serving in an advisory capacity on the script for the second movie.

When asked recently what fans can expect from the sequel, McQuarrie cut right to the heart of things by promising a satisfying explanation as to what exactly happens at the end of the first film to make time go all wibbly wobbly.

Good! Great to hear that Edge of Tomorrow 2 (or Live Die Repeat Again or whatever they’re calling this thing) isn’t going to awkwardly try to skirt around the fact that the last time we saw these characters, they were trapped in a plot device that existed for the sole purpose of pushing the whole story to the end credits as quickly as possible.

Still, though, everyone seems to be ignoring the best possible way to approach a sequel to a movie about time looping endlessly.

Edge of Tomorrow 2 should just be Edge of Tomorrow all over again. Like, the same movie, rereleased in theaters under a new name, if only to see how long it would take people to realize.

After all, it’s not like you went to see the first Edge of Tomorrow in the theater anyway.

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