Emma Watson Made a Hugely Embarrassing Mistake on Jimmy Fallon’s Show

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Emma Watson appeared on “The Tonight Show” this week to promote her new movie, “The Circle,” and she immediately descended into a fit of giggles with host Jimmy Fallon over something she did the last time she was on his show. It was something so embarrassing that it never actually made it to air.

“Is it all flashing back to you?” Fallon asked.

“The trauma. The post-traumatic stress of my last performance on the Jimmy Fallon show,” Watson laughed.

Here’s what happened:

Back in 2012, Watson was a guest on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” It was the first time she and Fallon met, and, almost as soon as she sat down next to the host’s desk, she told him, “I love that Halloween candy thing you do.” There was awkward silence before Fallon realized what she meant and told her, “That’s Jimmy Kimmel.”

Watson had, of course, remembered the “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy” prank done annually by the other Jimmy who hosts a late-night talk show in the U.S. Watson was instantly mortified by her painful gaffe.

“I died inside,” she remembered.

Watson was so embarrassed when she made the mistake that Fallon let her start the interview over, so the faux pas never aired. However, if you watch the old interview, Fallon asks Watson when she sits down, “Do you watch a lot of late-night television?” and everyone cracks up. It seemed at the time like a total non sequitur, but now it’s finally been explained, five years later.

Fallon, always good-natured, was never bothered in the least by Watson’s mixup.

“We love you whatever you do,” Fallon assured her, speaking for literally everyone in the world.

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