Exclusive Premiere: Eden xo Debuts Colorful Lyric Video for ‘The Weekend’

Kimberly Jeong
(Photo: Getty)

We've been obsessed with singer-songwriter Eden xo since she debuted her addictive single "Too Cool To Dance" last fall. 

So we literally shrieked with joy when we heard her follow-up single "The Weekend," a bubblegum pop-infused dance track sure to get you pumped up for the weekend. 

Eden xo has an incredible knack for creating music that makes us want to strip down to our bathing suits and cannonball into a pool. On top of getting the "king of feel-good party music" Lil Jon on a remix, Eden xo performed "The Weekend" on ABC's "Good Morning America."

Ahead of the official music video release, Eden xo is having us premiere the colorful lyric video!

Is it the weekend yet?