Fans Just Found the Most Disturbing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Easter Egg

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 now in theaters, and James Gunn claiming that there are hidden Easter Eggs in both the original and the sequel movies that fans will never find, eager Marvel fans are working tirelessly to expose all the secrets that are contained within each film.

One such Easter Egg is currently causing waves at ScreenRant, where fans of the movies believe that they’ve discovered a disturbing clue that’s hidden away within the original movie, which gives away one of the biggest plot points for Guardians Vol. 2.

Bear in mind that spoilers for both movies abound from this point onwards – you have been warned.

A few months ago, a YouTuber named MasterTainment made waves by uncovering a key Easter Egg that had gone unnoticed for several years. The coordinates given for the Collector’s base on Knowhere contain a secret code – by changing some numbers into letters based on their place in the alphabet, Knowhere’s coordinates translate to: “Meridith Quill X”.

It’s believed by fans that this is a reference to Ego the Living Planet, Meredith Quill’s ex-boyfriend, and the father of Peter Quill.

Delving further, a similar message has been found in the coordinates of the Kree warships, yhe Dark Aster, which, when translated, reads, “This is Mom’s Cancer”.

But here’s the disturbing bit – Screen Rant has noted that when you put these two messages together, it creates a spoiler for Guardians 2. “This is Mom’s cancer: Meredith Quill’s ex.”

This, it’s believed, references the fact that Ego placed a brain tumor within Peter Quill’s mother – a plot point which, apparently, James Gunn had planned all along.

If this is true, it certainly means that these movies should be viewed in a different light. Apparently, James Gunn has had everything planned for a long while.

All that’s left to do is wonder what secrets are hidden in Guardians Vol. 2 that will become relevant only after we’ve seen the third movie in the series.

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