First Look: Will ‘GLOW’ Season Two Go Even More Nuts With Glorious Eighties Fashion?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

The second season of GLOW is currently filming, and Alison Brie wants everyone to know about it.

Sharing a photo of herself and Betty Gilpin on Instagram, Brie let us all in on a quick, fun sneak peak of the hair and makeup we’ll be getting when the show returns.

From the looks of things, season two is going to look even more stylish and ridiculous than season one.


We’re back… #glownetflix #season2

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Make no mistake – much of the appeal of the first season of GLOW came from its campy, over-the-top, authentic Eighties nostalgia. Heck, half of Netflix’s business model seems to be based around stylish portrayals of the world three decades ago!

If there’s anything that stands out from GLOW thus far, it’s the image of neon-soaked female wrestlers battling each other in the ring while looking both glamorous and ridiculous all at once.

Sure, there’s a compelling story here with plenty of well-defined characters, but clearly the hair and makeup team at GLOW knows just how important their work is to the success of the show.

There’s a natural proclivity in popular shows to try and up the stakes over time, taking the things that made the series a success, and making them bigger, brighter, and more visually engaging with each future season.

It’d be hard to imagine where GLOW could take the characters’ designs in order to keep things increasingly exciting, but from the look of Alison Brie’s hair, the new season will shy away from ever growing mounds of hairspray in favor of trying some more inventive styles that bring new looks we haven’t seen before.

This, hopefully, will be reflected in all other aspects of the characters’ personalities and story arcs. After all, the end of the first season sees the story take a big turn as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling make their television debut, so there are no doubt a lot of engaging and complicated stories to tell now that the characters are all finding their interpersonal relationships complicated as they fight to avoid cancellation.

There’ll no doubt be a lot going on in GLOW season two, and based on the hair and makeup alone, it looks like things are, at the very least, not going to start looking stale.

Yes, this is an entire article about hair and makeup.

Considering the subject matter in question, that doesn’t feel particularly frivolous – anyone who remembers the Eighties will be aware of just how important hair is to telling any story in this setting.