Fitness Magazine Reveals Best Body of 2013

Madison Vanderberg

It has come to our attention that the only thing worth reading on the Internet anymore is lists. Journalism is dead, lists are fun!

Anyways, the people over at Fitness Magazine have ranked Hollywood’s best bodies from “best” to “not the best but still wildly unattainable by regular human standards.”

The #1 best body in Hollywood of all of 2013 was handed to Penelope Cruz for speed dieting. The mag said, “She popped back up on the red carpet in amazing shape just three months after giving birth [to son Luca in July].”

So losing an entire baby worth of weight in three months is how to look hot by society’s standards, just so everyone is on the same page.

Second place on the list goes to Jennifer Lawrence who has said she hates dieting or working out. So ladies, just be genetically gifted with a curvy, yet not overweight body like JenLaw.

Third place goes to Sandra Bullock who works her A*S off to look as great as she does. She said her workout routine includes all of the following: “Pilates, kickboxing, weightlifting and running or biking while traveling.”

For the full list of hot bodies, in case you enjoy self-loathing, head over to Fitness Magazine.


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