Five Horror Stories To Watch (and Play) Now You’ve Binged ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Netflix)

So, then. Stranger Things season two is finished. The Eighties nostalgia horror show is done for the moment.

You stayed up late over the weekend, and shotgunned as many episodes as you could. After waiting for well over a year, you’ve run out of new adventures in just a few short days.

So what next? Especially considering that Halloween still isn’t quite here, and you don’t have any spooky stuff left to watch?

Thankfully there are other options. Here are some of the movies and games that you can enjoy over Halloween to get your creepy fix:

The Babysitter

The Babysitter Netflix
Source: Netflix

Netflix let this sexy horror comedy sneak under the radar somewhat, which is possibly because it is in fact fairly awful.

This isn’t the kind of intense, exciting action that you got to enjoy with Stranger Things, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth enjoying in it own special way.

The movie is about a kid is trying to escape being sacrificed to the devil by his super hot teenage babysitter and her equally hot friends (including Bella Thorne, who appears on most of the posters and promotional materials).

This is hardly high concept horror, but there’s a certain charm to the idea of getting all of your friends around for a TV party, getting a bit drunk, and just enjoying a movie from the mind of the guy who directed Charlie’s Angels and Terminator Salvation.

If you need something dumb and funny, this might just be the perfect shot to chase down after sampling the more sophisticated bottle of wine that is Stranger Things.


Source: Lionsgate

From one extreme to another, Jigsaw is everything you’d expect of a Saw movie.

Dark, gritty, grotesque, and with a convoluted plot that’s deliberately designed to leave the viewer scratching their head, by this point you know what you’re getting from the franchise, and while this soft reboot attempts to be unique, it doesn’t try too hard.

That’s not to say this isn’t worth watching. If you’re into gross out horror, you’ll find something here to enjoy. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but that’s no bad thing if you happen to be the kind of person who’d enjoy it.

That said, if you go to see Jigsaw, you’ll have a lot of space to stretch out. Currently in theaters, the horror film has been suffering through particularly poor attendance at theaters, compared with previous instalments in the franchise.

If you’re interested in seeing the Saw movies continue beyond Jigsaw, it might be worth going out to support this while you have a chance.

Happy Death Day

Happy Death Day Driving
Source: Universal

A similar movie to The Babysitter, Happy Death Day falls into the category of sexy teen horror, with a nice dose of Groundhog Day mixed in for good measure.

The lead character, a college student named Tree (yup.), finds herself trapped in a time loop, living the last day of her life over and over as she attempts to solve – and prevent – her own gruesome murder.

Unlike Jigsaw, this movie has actually proven to be a pretty big hit in theaters, easily earning back its meager production budget and even beating out Blade Runner 2049 at the box office.

This should mean that attending a screening will be better than watching this at home in three months. Nothing makes a movie funnier than enjoying it in a room that’s filled with the laughter of fellow moviegoers.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th
Source: Gun Media

Maybe you don’t want to hide behind a cushion while watching someone else deal with a horrific monster. Perhaps, instead, you’d like to try to wade into the fray yourself, pitting your wits against one of the horror genre’s most enduring iconic characters.

If so, you might want to try one of this year’s big releases, Friday the 13th: The Game. Based on the movie series of the same name, players can either take on the role of hockey mask-wearing Jason, or can play as his victims, running around in an old campsite by a familiar spooky lake.

Most of the time, you’ll be playing as a camper, and most of the time, you’ll end up horribly murdered. On the rare occasion that you manage to escape Jason, though, or when you get to play as the big bad monster of the game, there are some moments of wonderful catharsis at triumphing in a difficult, and very scary, horror game.

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2
Source: Bethesda

Recently released sequel to The Evil Within, this new game is a more personal horror experience. Instead of playing with a group of friends online, you’ll be trapped exploring spooky, surreal environments all by yourself.

This is a far more intense, bone-chilling experience, and the game has more than a few moments of terror that will leave you a bit more anxious and worked up than anything from a co-operative multiplayer game, but if you want something to really scare you, nothing beats a deeply personal single-player horror video game.