Five Things We Learned From The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Teaser

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Marvel)

Have you seen the Thor: Ragnarok teaser trailer yet?

You should, it’s fun.

With a new director in Taika Waititi, and a decidedly more intergalactic approach to the story this time around, it’s been hard to get a feel for what Ragnarok is going to be like as a movie – at least, until now. Finally, with the new teaser, we’ve gotten a glimpse into what Ragnarok will be like, and it looks incredible.

Here are five new discoveries we’ve made from this trailer:

Goodbye Mewmew

Source: Marvel

Thor’s beloved hammer, Mjolnir, is no more.

We’d suspected that this might happen, as Thor hasn’t been appearing in any promotional materials with the weapon dubbed “Mewmew” by Jane Foster’s intern, Darcy. But while we’d thought Thor might lose his hammer, we didn’t expect to see it destroyed.

This power play on the part of Cate Blanchett’s Hela suggests that this is a new enemy who isn’t messing around. Much as Iron Man 3 separates Tony Stark from his tech, this will be a Thor who’s hit rock bottom, by losing the pretty hammer from which he gains about 80% of his sense of self-worth.

Thor Reborn

Source: Marvel

There’s a lot of new stuff on display here. New costumes and design choices, as Taika Waititi’s take on the character breaks the mold to a certain extent and deviates from the style of the first two Thor movies.

At the same time, there’s a lot here that looks very much like a continuation of the series. Asgard remains the same, and there’s a vibe from Hela that feels reminiscent of the Dark Elves or Frost Giants.

It seems that this will be a movie about transition, as we say goodbye to the old Thor tropes and see the character enter a larger, more colorful cosmic space. Considering that Ragnarok means the apocalyptic destruction of Asgard, this change in tone and style isn’t all that surprising.

Loki’s Back in Action

Source: Marvel

So, we knew Loki would be appearing in this movie. Production photos, plus the end of credits stinger on Doctor Strange, all suggested that we’d be getting Tom Hiddleston back for at least a brief role.

But while Loki isn’t the main attraction here, he is doing something that we haven’t seen in a while – fighting. Loki stayed mostly out of The Dark World, faking his own death to avoid too much messy combat, while in The Avengers he was content to let his foot soldiers do the heavy lifting.

Now, though, Loki is back to fighting with his knives, as in his first appearance in the original Thor. This is great to know, as the trickster’s illusion powers have always made for exciting moments in battles, but with Taika Waititi dreaming up inventive ways for Loki to fight, this is no doubt going to be a joy to behold.

The Hulk’s Showdown

Source: Marvel

There’s no rivalry among the Avengers’ ranks that are quite as fraught as that between Thor and Hulk. It’s part of the reason why pairing these two together is such a fun concept for a movie – while on the battlefield, the pair are eager to trade blows wherever possible.

Now, it seems that Hulk is happy to unleash his full anger against Thor, no matter how jovial the god of thunder might be in the battle colosseum. Clearly, there’s something untoward going on, whether it’s some kind of brainwashing problem, or a concern from the Hulk that if he shows Thor mercy he’ll just be causing them both more pain.

Regardless, it’s worth assuming that this fight won’t last too long. They’ll punch for a bit, then they’ll team up to fight a greater evil. That’s just how these movies go.

There Will Be Quips

Source: Marvel

The choice of music in this trailer – Led Zeppelin – is no accident. Not only does The Immigrant Song fit Thor perfectly (it is, after all, a song about Viking warriors that specifically references the god of thunder and his mighty hammer), but it also attests to the tone that Taika Waititi is aiming for with this movie.

It’s a film that has its fair share of Team Thor to it – a kind of downplayed silliness that trivializes Thor’s mighty Asgardian status. From this we get Thor describing his Avengers teammate as “a friend from work” rather than a heroic ally.

One thing’s for certain: this movie is going to be exciting without taking itself too seriously.

In other words, it’ll be a quintessential Marvel blockbuster.

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