Frank Ocean Busted With Drugs

John Howard
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D’oh… I knew I shouldn’t have lined my pockets with weed before blowing by that trooper going 90…

Frank Ocean is being outed. But not by critics for subtly slipping in lyrics about loving men in one of his one of his new songs. This time it was by the cops and for driving really fast while carrying a lot of weed. 

According to TMZ, who broke the story, Ocean was driving at the whopping speed of 90 miles per hour in a 65 mph zone. 

He was reportedly pulled over in Mono County, California—300 miles-ish east of San Francisco—while driving his black BMW. As on-scene officers were questioning him, they apparently sniffed some unsavory substances—NO!—emanating from the vehicle.

Law enforcement officials tell the site that Ocean was cited for marijuana possession, which is an offense in the Golden State. 

Ocean was additionally sited for driving on a suspended license and having windows that were too tinted. 

Officers confiscated the suspended license and made the passenger that was with the R&B recording artist at the time drive him home. 

Apparently marijuana was the exception to his lifetime commitment to swear off drugs and alcohol, which he confessed to the New York Times in July of 2012.

“It totally ingrained this fear of addiction and of anything that could cause me to be addicted,” he said of growing up around his grandfather who struggled with addiction to hard drugs. 

Lesson learned: Just say, no kids. Or, get a faster car to outrun the cops with. 


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