George Clooney’s New Girlfriend is the Best Clooney Girlfriend of All Clooney Girlfriends

Matt Dekneef

We wouldn’t dare tell Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor how to date. But after gleaning what we know about his latest girlfriend/rumored fiance Amal Alamuddin, we hope he hangs onto her for a while (i.e. at least two years and one day).

Besides looking gorgeous on a Tanzanian safari—the preliminary for all of Clooney’s romantic conquests—here’s why:

She’s an accomplished lawyer.

Mark Robert Milan/FilmMagic

Amal is 36-years-old and specializes in international law. A graduate from the NYU School of Law, she represents WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. She was also an advisor on Syria relations to former U.N. Security General Kofi Annan.

She’s trilingual a.k.a. automatically more intelligent than most.


She studied at Oxford and is fluent in both French and Arabic.

She wrote a book.


She’s a co-editor of an actual book thing (not a curated article of GIFs #sorrynotsorry). It’s called The Law and Practice of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, and it could be assigned in a college course near you.

She and George have a history.


The two first connected in October 2013, but rumors of a relationship didn’t make the rounds until they attended a White House screening of his film The Monuments Men together.

She can’t be bothered with Hollywood.

Mark Robert Milan/FilmMagic

Between the intricacies of books and international law, Amal doesn’t really have time to discuss which film is topping the box office or who’s rumored to get this year’s September issue of Vogue.

Who knows? She might be the one to turn around and leave him for once.

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