George Lucas Helped Direct a Scene for “Solo”, and It Sounds Amazing

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

From the initial “Solo: A Star Wars Story” looks pretty much like a classic George Lucas era prequel movie.

Many “Star Wars” fans have been calling out for a more prequel-esque film for a while, for better or worse. Say what you like about these old movies, they do have their fans, and plenty of these die-hards aren’t too thrilled with “The Last Jedi” and all its dour grumpiness.

As if to further tie “Solo” to the prequels, a recent report claims that George Lucas visited the set of the movie, and actually gave a suggestion for something that Alden Ehrenreich should do in the scene that was being filmed.

Ron Howard, who worked with Lucas on “Willow”, loved the idea, and so it may well end up in the finished movie.

Details are vague, but Kathleen Kennedy seems enthusiastic:

“He had intended to just kind of stop by and say hi, and he stayed five hours. There’s even one little moment in a scene that — I can’t tell you what, sorry — but in the scene on the Millennium Falcon where George said, ‘Why doesn’t Han just do this.’ It actually is a funny little bit that will probably get a laugh. And Ron happened to be by the monitor and not inside the Falcon and he goes, ‘Oh that’s a great idea,’ and ran in and said, ‘George wants us to do this.’ So that was pretty cool. I think George felt pretty great about that. He could revisit these characters, and I think he felt so comfortable, obviously with Ron being there, that it was just fun for him.”

The big question here is whether or not everyone at Lucasfilm was just humoring George. Perhaps they’d actually hoped he would leave a lot sooner, but he just kind of stayed hanging around and offering advice that people felt they just kind of needed to listen to.

Source: Lucasfilm

That said, it would make sense if, of all the Disney “Star Wars” movies, this was the one that would make George the most welcome.

Ron Howard isn’t going to spurn an old friend, and in hiring Howard to take over from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, it’s clear that Lucasfilm is interested in making this movie feel like a classic George Lucas adventure.

For those who love the prequels, this could be good news. “Solo: A Star Wars” story might end up being lighthearted, energetic fun that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

For anyone who enjoys watching Luke Skywalker angrily drink alien green milk, or for anyone who prefers the darker tones of more recent “Star Wars” films, this new movie probably won’t be the droids you’re looking for, so to speak.

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Source: Lucasfilm

This is a “Star Wars” film. Inevitably, some people will love it, and others will absolutely hate it.

None of these movies are either wholly irredeemable or utterly perfect.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.