A George R.R. Martin Novel You’ve Never Heard of Is Getting a TV Pilot

Matthew Loffhagen
George RR Martin
(Photo: George RR Martin)

If you’re an absolute die hard fan of George RR Martin, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Nightflyers, a science fiction novella that the Game of Ice and Fire author wrote all the way back in 1980.

While Nightflyers is considered one of the author’s best works, that doesn’t mean it’s as popular as his high fantasy work – which may itself be largely because Nightflyers hasn’t had the privilege of being turned into a big budget television show.

Well, not yet, that is. SyFy has ordered a pilot for a show based on the apocalyptic sci-fi story. This is no guarantee that it’ll be picked up, but it does mean that avid Martin fans can look forward to seeing yet another of his works on the small screen, should all go as planned.

Basically, the attitude among studio heads at the moment is that if you can sink your teeth into a George RR Martin property, you’ll be making bank for years to come.

The Host
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This isn’t always the case. Let’s look at an iconic popular author of our time: Stephenie Meyer. Okay, maybe you’re not a fan of her work, but plenty of other people loved her Twilight books at the peak of their popularity, which naturally led to a long, drawn out series of movies based on the supernatural teen drama series.

People watched them in droves. They didn’t watch The Host quite as eagerly – this movie was based on Meyer’s turn as a sci-fi author, and the film was clearly set up for a series of sequels that never materialized.

So just because Game of Thrones has set the world on fire, don’t hold out hope that Nightflyers will necessarily do the same.

And, yes, we just compared George RR Martin to Stephenie Meyer. Get over it.

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