This Is the Girl in the Car with Justin Bieber When He Got Arrested

Matt Dekneef

Her name is Chantel Jeffries, but who is she?


This is Chantel Jeffries.


She was in the car with Justin Bieber when he got his DUI.

That’s a photo Justin tweeted of Chantel driving his Lamborghini. It’s since been deleted.


She lives in Miami.


She’s an Instagram model with over 500k+ followers.


This is a modeling photo.


She loves face creams.


And she has an adorable cat.

His name is #Marley and he’s a #Bengal with #issues.


She also has a makeup brush.

She’s kinda famous for her eyebrows.


She has a circle of famous friends.

Which is probably how she met Justin. Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin (pictured above) was once linked to Justin, remember?


She’s athletic.


And dated a professional athlete.

The Eagles’ DeSean Jackson.


That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Chantel Jeffries.

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