This Is the Gisele Bundchen Wedding Photo That Almost Killed the Paparazzi

Madison Vanderberg

Five years ago, Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady.

At the time, they were THE MOST ATTRACTIVE celebrity couple.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Naturally, their 2009 Costa Rican wedding was a hot spot for paparazzi.

When photographers started taking pics of the wedding, Gisele and Tom’s bodyguards confronted the paps, demanding that they stop and hand over their memory cards.

The paps refused and as they drove away, two of their three bodyguards opened fire on the paparazzi.

Neither of the paparazzi were harmed, but Gisele’s bodyguards were found guilty of attempted murder and sentenced to FIVE YEARS IN PRISON!

This is the ONLY photo that has survived from the near-bloodbath.


We hope it was worth it.

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