Good News: The “Dora the Explorer” Movie’s Director Is Not Michael Bay After All!

Matthew Loffhagen
College Humor
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What a relief! When news first broke that Michael Bay would be working on a “Dora the Explorer” movie, we all feared the worst.

After all, the past few years have seen Bay make an awful lot of money out of ruining beloved children’s cartoon characters, and it seemed like he had his sights set on what was for many young grown-ups a crucial part of their childhood development.

Thankfully, it turns out that Bay will only have minimal input on this movie, and the director who will take the helm is James Bobin, the man who has also directed “The Muppets”, “Muppets Most Wanted”, and “Alice Through the Looking Glass”.

Bobins’ career thus far has been a little hit and miss, although that’s not entirely his fault. He can’t really be blamed for “Through the Looking Glass” considering that the first “Alice” movie essentially existed as a traditional Johnny Depp vehicle for Tim Burton to mess around with.

Muppets Most Wanted
Source: Disney

As for the “Muppets” movies, they’re solid. Not groundbreaking, but suitably entertaining, and, crucially, genuinely reflective of the kinds of stories that we’ve enjoyed from the franchise in the past.

The danger with a “Dora” movie, which will inexplicably be about a teenager rather than a younger child, has always been that the movie would end up being a bit too gritty and grimdark.

Nobody needs to see a grimy, sweaty and strangely sexualized Dora fighting aliens in slow motion amid a flurry of bullets from a military helicopter.

Thankfully, it seems like Michael Bay might keep his specific fetishes out of this project, which is for the best. So long as Bobin can to the standard thing that’s defined his career, this film should be fine.

That said, Michael Bay’s production company will probably make a lot of money from it.

This isn’t necessarily a reason to avoid the “Dora” film, but it’s just worth remembering: this film will help to fund Michael Bay’s next passion project, and you might not necessarily like what he has in store.