Gritty ‘Power Rangers’ Fan Film Will Become an Official TV Show

Matthew Loffhagen
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Perhaps you, like many people, have seen each subsequent trailer for Lionsgate’s gritty reboot of Power Rangers, and sighed an enormous sigh every single time.

What could be an enjoyable, exciting nostalgia trip is instead some kind of Breakfast Club tribute with terrible costumes. Aside from the Power Rangers namesakes, not much here even resembles the classic Saban kids show.

If you saw 2015’s fanfilm Power/Rangers, you no doubt feel particularly frustrated by just how good a potential darker reboot could be.

Well, if you’d rather see more of this than whatever Lionsgate has in store, good news! Adi Shankar, who produced Power/Rangers, has announced that he’s working to bring an official R-rated reimagining of Power Rangers to television.

“It’s a complete retelling of the first three seasons. And it’s going to be really f****** dark. Darker than any other Power Rangers series.”

While this new show is in the very early stages at the moment, and hasn’t even found a network yet, Shankar has said that he feels the appropriate place for his dark Power Rangers show will be on Netflix.

“Netflix is doing what every other network should be doing. I’ve worked with almost every network and Netflix just gets it. The world we live in now has disrupted the idea of what entertainment is and Netflix gets it.”

This is great news for anyone who feels put off by trailers for the upcoming Lionsgate reboot of the franchise, directed by Dean Israelite.

That said, anyone who’s hoping to enjoy the movie, which will be released on March 24, might need to measure their expectations – after all, if Saban is expecting this movie to be a hit, they might not be so eager to get a second gritty reboot off the ground in such a short period of time.

Here’s hoping that all versions of the Power Rangers story find their intended audience, and that all of these new shows turn out to be enjoyable and entertaining.

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