A Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie Just like a Celebrity

Matt Dekneef
(Photo: Instagram)

Wanna take a selfie? Take some tips from the best.


1. Stare straight into the camera.


2. Look coy.

Maybe put a finger on your lip or something.


3. Or look away like you don’t notice the camera you’re holding up in front of your face.


4. Have some windswept, casual bedhead.


5. Do something precious with your hand if it’s in the frame.


6. Know your best angle.


7. And stick to it.


8. Like, really stick to it.


9. Pucker your lips.


10. Make sure the lighting captures the right mood.


11. A little strategically placed lens flare never hurts.


12. Throw up a cute funny face.


13. Or get ~edgy~.


14. Tilt that chin.


15. Show off that hair.


16. Oh, and don’t forget to smile!

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