Guillermo del Toro’s New Shared Universe Will Be What “Dark Universe” Should Have Been

Matthew Loffhagen
Guillermo del Toro
(Photo: Guillermo del Toro)

Guillermo del Toro has earned a reputation for being that guy whenever you need a dark, creepy fantasy world.

If there’s been a weird fantasy or horror movie in development at any point in the past decade or two, you can bet that del Toro was attached, or at least considered for involvement, at some point.

Guillermo del Toro was involved with “The Hobbit” duology back when there were only going to be two movies. He did pre-production work on “Justice League Dark” (which still hasn’t seen the light of day, sadly). He was offered the reins on Universal’s “Dark Universe” before that turned into a messy nightmare.

Basically, del Toro is the horror fantasy guy. He now even has an Oscar to prove it.

Pan's Labyrinth
Source: Warner Bros

The problem with all of these projects, though, is that they involve del Toro making movies based on someone else’s idea of what a good film should be. We don’t know why things broke down between del Toro and New Line Cinema/Warner Bros while they were all working on “The Hobbit”, but as Lindsay Ellis points out in her recent postmortem on the series, it seems suspicious that the whole relationship would fall apart over scheduling conflicts.

Now that del Toro is finally in a position to be able to call the shots for himself, it seems that he’s done playing by anyone else’s rules.

As if to rub his success in the face of anyone who’s ever tried to hire him to make generic, cookie cutter movies in the past, del Toro is now starting his very own brand new shared universe of dark fantasy movies, because of course he is.

The new movie series will grow out of Fox Searchlight (which will hopefully remain intact when the company gets folded into the House of Mouse). The plan is for del Toro to basically get his very own label, which he can use for whatever wacky movies he wants.

According to del Toro himself:

“For the longest time, I’ve hoped to find an environment in which I can distribute, nurture and produce new voices in smart, inventive genre films and channel my own. In Fox Searchlight, I’ve found a real home for live action production – a partnership based on hard work, understanding of each other and, above all, faith. After the wonderful experience I had with Fox Searchlight on ‘The Shape of Water’, I am honored to have the opportunity to continue the relationship.”

Basically, imagine something in between Blumhouse and the “Cloverfield” series, but made by the kind of guy who’ll happily create an Oscar-winning movie about a sexy fish monster.

The Shape of Water Romance
Source: Fox Searchlight


Yup, I’m on board! Roll on whatever del Toro is working on – we’re finally going to get a Dark Universe that won’t be quite as creatively bankrupt as anything Universal has been trying to kick off over the past few years.

The world could use more del Toro weirdness. Let’s see what nonsense he can come up with next!