Guy Hacks Band’s Wikipedia Page to Get Himself Backstage

Justin Caffier
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

We’ve all finagled our way backstage at some point or another, whether by getting on a list, walking with confidence, or bribing/blowing a bouncer. Reinventing this process entirely and almost elevating it to a form of art, however, is Melbourne innovator David Spargo.

While attending a performance by Australian indie duo Peking Duk, Spargo crafted a bold plan to get backstage and party with the artists. With a few quick taps on his phone, Spargo edited the group’s Wikipedia page, listing himself as the stepbrother of band member Reuben Styles. He approached a bouncer, offered his ID and phone as proof, and stood back and waited to see if his cunning ruse would bear fruit.

As it turns out, the band was so impressed with their fan's ingenuity that they didn’t even call out his fib. Minutes after the initial con attempt, Styles popped out of the green room and greeted Spargo with a warm “Hey bro, come on in.”

"It was probably the most genius, mastermind move that I’ve ever witnessed," band member Adam Hyde told The Guardian. He went on to talk about how the duo enjoyed a few beers with Spargo, who they described as not a creep and “the most normal dude we’ve ever met.” They went on to praise Spargo on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, urging fans to not always believe what you see on Wikipedia.

And since they haven’t said it, I’ll give the obligatory “please don’t deface Wikipedia” plea. It's kinda one of the best free things on the Internet. So, congrats on your legendary move, David Spargo, but here’s hoping a bunch of copycats don’t follow in your footsteps.