Harry Styles and Taylor Swift’s Romantic Vacation

Madison Vanderberg
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Because Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have been dating for about 6 weeks, which is the average length of all of Taylor’s past relationships, the couple has decided to celebrate by jetting off on a tropic getaway together.

Are they moving too fast? Maybe. Do we like stalking photos of them on vacation anyways? Definitely! After Taylor and Harry publicly kissed on New Year’s Eve and by publicly I mean, right out in front of EVERYBODY no shame at all, the couple headed back to the Greenwich hotel together and on January 2nd were spotted flying out of NY together.

Apparently they were heading out on vacation to the British Virgin Islands. This isn’t their first vacation together. Just days before Christmas they were spotted in Utah on a skiing trip. But nothing says sexy like skiing, no seriously, there is nothing sexy about skiing, so Haylor kicked it up a notch with this steamy south of the border vacay.

Fans spotted them last night at the restaurant CocoMaya, where they were gracious enough to pose for photos. Actually, both looked very pleased to be taking photos with fans, it’s almost as if Taylor wants people to know she’s on vacation with Harry. I’m just saying…

If you think Taylor’s moving too fast, just look at her last relationship. She essentially attended the Kennedy family vacation for the entire summer, and then she bought a mansion next door to Conor. 

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