Harry Styles Tells Friends He’s ‘In Love’ with Kendall Jenner

Matt Dekneef

Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner have survived a make-or-break 31 days of seeing each other, celebrating their first month together with a lighthearted ski trip through California’s Mammoth Lakes.

The two were spotted perusing a snowboarding shop and were cool enough to take a photo with an adoring fan who recognized them.

While fans may be head over heels regarding these two lovebirds, Harry’s team isn’t warming up to the idea of their romance.

“Harry has told his management team as well as band members that he thinks he is ‘in love’ with Kendall Jenner,” a source close to the One Direction singer told Hollyscoop. “Obviously they’re terrified and think that Kendall Jenner is a ‘black ship’ as they call her. His management thinks that she is a huge distraction and is very concerned with the amount of time that he has been spending with her.”

Rumors concerning these two began after a late November dinner date in West Hollywood, but the famous pair have tried their best to keep a low profile. That said, Harry’s management would still prefer that this duo be non-existent all together.

“They want him to focus on the music right now because he is so big and have told him that he should not get too serious with her. Harry is seeing stars and thinks that she is the hottest girl in the universe.” 

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