Heaven or Hell? Where Will “The Good Place” Go Next?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: NBC)

Well, that’s it, then. After a frustratingly short season, “The Good Place” has wrapped up yet again, and it’s increasingly apparent that there’s really no way of knowing what we’ll be getting in season seven when we return to visit our favorite Hell bound sinner, Eleanor Shellstrop.

Watch out, from this point on there will be spoilers for all of “The Good Place” up to this point.

In truth, it was always going to be difficult for season two’s finale to top the last episode of the show’s first season. The big twist, that The Good Place is nothing of the sort, so fundamentally changed the nature of the show that it would be really difficult to pull of the same level of mind-bending shock again.

The Good Place Judgement
Source: NBC

That said, despite the challenge, the end of season two comes with a lot of wacky possibilities for the future. Our heroes are now alive again, albeit somewhat on the clock, as they need to prove themselves to be genuinely good people in order to avoid another trip to the Bad Place.

It seems that season three will begin much as season two did, in a world where our characters don’t actually remember anything that’s transpired previously. While this eventually worked out fine for season two, it may prove a little more frustrating as we move forward – rebooting our characters’ memories every time will be more than a little annoying as the plot continues to build on previous episodes.

The Good Place Michael Cheers
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Presumably, the first episode of season three will see Eleanor reunited with Chidi, her soul mate, which should be interesting as in the real world, Chidi speaks French, rather than English. We also have no idea where many of the supporting characters are in their real lives, and this is probably for a good reason, as the show will focus on their salvation over time.

All in all, things look promising, if a little confusing, for the future of this popular sitcom. The only downside is that when the show finally returns, we’re only going to get thirteen episodes yet again.

It’s almost as if there’s something significant about the number thirteen…