Here Are 12 Unreleased Britney Spears Songs, All in One Place

Matt Dekneef

Britney Spears fans often cite her unreleased tracks as some of her best work. 

They’re not as commercial as her more popular songs, and far more expressive than practically all of them. We’ve compiled 12 of her more beloved unreleased songs and demos—dance floor-ready jams and ballads that could be an album in their own right—along with the general responses to each by way of die-hard fan reactions on YouTube.


1. “Unbroken”

Stan reaction: “SLAY ME QUEEN!!! :D”


2. “Dramatic”

Stan reaction: “I’m so in love with this song!!! She is awesome….I love these kind of weird different songs”

Note that Britney also says the F-word in this one, omg.


3. “State of Grace”

Stan reaction: “ooh, her falsetto in this is beautiful and angelic.”


4. “Luv The Hurt Away” featuring Full Force

Stan reaction: “see bitches she is a better singer than christina!”


5. “Sugarfall”

Stan reaction: “cute song”


6. “What You Sippin’ On”

Stan reaction: “like a j.lo or ashanti song, right?”


7. “Kiss You All Over”

Stan reaction: “one of my favorite unreleased songs.”


8. “Ouch”

Stan reaction: “pop/soul heaven:)”


9. “All That She Wants/Remembrance of Who I…”

Stan reaction: “If yall dont like it watching someything else or the original version. #haters”


10. “Baby Boy”

Stan reaction: “she should randomly release some dark sultry jazzy stuff”


11. “Let Go”

Stan reaction: “what an amazing voice she has!! I so so so so love her”


12. “Strangest Love”

Stan reaction: “There’s something magic about this song!”

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