Here’s Why You Absolutely Shouldn’t Join Disney’s New Streaming Subscription Service

Matthew Loffhagen
Walt Disney
(Photo: Walt Disney)

Bad news, guys: Disney’s pulling out of Netflix.

The media megacorp has had enough of letting the streaming service gain a portion of money that, in Disney’s mind, they should be keeping for themselves. No more will Netflix fans be able to watch Disney’s classic cartoons, TV shows, and live action movies in the most convenient way possible. Instead, we’ll all have to pay an additional monthly subscription for all the tasty Disney treats.

This sucks. Nobody really wants to have to pay extra for something we’ve been enjoying as part of our regular Netflix experience up to this point, but Disney feels that they have us in a stranglehold, and they’ll be able to demand whatever they want from us in return for the privilege of being able to watch their bad Beauty and the Beast remake whenever we want.

So, here’s a novel thought: let’s not give Disney our money.

Let’s avoid this service. After all, we can probably assume that it’ll be a lot worse value for money than Netflix. Expect to pay approximately what you’re already shelling out for any other streaming service, but this time, only for stuff that one studio makes.

Zootopia by Disney
Source: Disney

It’s not hard to see why this might be a bad deal for consumers, and as such, the simplest solution is to not give in to Disney’s demands by refusing to pay for a service that doesn’t meet our collective media price needs.

Disney is banking on the fact that we absolutely desperately need to see their movies in order to feel complete and satisfied as people. That’s simply no longer the case – the main draw of all these streaming services is that they have, if anything, an overabundance of content. Good luck watching everything that’s on Netflix even without Disney’s movies, because there’s simply not enough hours in the day to make a dent in this stuff, and oh, so much of it is absolutely phenomenal, if not pleasantly diverting.

There’s a real danger at the moment that, with companies like Disney kicking up a fuss, we’re going to increasingly be forced to subscribe to a dozen or so streaming services to get all the “must have” content that airs on various television networks, and that’s to say nothing of our movie choices.

Maybe we shouldn’t be eager to roll over and let Disney dictate how much we have to pay to watch 102 Dalmations or Malificent or Air Buddies or whatever other half-baked filler movies are going to be strapped behind a paywall in order to justify making an entire streaming service around Frozen, Zootopia, and The Force Awakens.

Air Buddies by Disney
Source: Disney

Or, in other words: maybe it’s worth giving up your opportunity to watch all the great movies Disney makes in order to avoid paying too much extra for every bad property Disney feels needs to be further exploited.

If we’re really lucky and the Disney platform tanks as hard as, say, Toys-To-Life video game shallow cash-grab Disney Infinity, the House of Mouse will be forced to rethink their mercenary decision to explore just how much they can nickel and dime their biggest fans.

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