Here’s Who We Think Will Die By The ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Finale

Logan Rapp
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As we're approaching the midway point to Game of Thrones' excellent sixth season, we've truly passed just about all of the novels and even George R. R. Martin's preview chapters of The Winds of Winter. So, for once, the smug superiority of the book readers doesn't mean they have advanced knowledge of what's to come. That means the rest of us get to wildly and irresponsibly speculate about what's to become of our characters. 

So let's take a look at some of our major characters and I'll take a stab (heh) at their fates, at least at the conclusion of the sixth season. I can already feel people in the Obsev office getting prepared to tell me how wrong I am. 

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark – Alive


He's already died once at the end of last season. While it would be a cruel twist of a knife to make his death permanent this time around, the likelihood is that until the R + L = J theory is brought into play, we are far from done with the maybe/maybe not bastard son of Ned Stark. 

After six seasons on the Wall, having Jon take his first steps into Westeros, only to be quickly cut down, just seems like an obvious mistake that the show — though not immune to dumb moves — is too smart to make. As far as Sansa goes, we've seen her take punishment after punishment, and she's survived it all. Now it is time for her to become the Wardeness of the North. Neither of these Stark siblings are going anywhere anytime soon.

Arya Stark – Alive


Though the girl may have no name, Arya's resiliency is the show's secret weapon. Throughout the course of the series, she hasn't been much of a fighter — though she has a killer's instinct — and now she's being trained to become even more deadly than ever. 

Arya will be one hundred percent alive by season's end. The question is, who around her is going to be dead by then?

Jamie and Cersei Lannister – Hard to Tell


The problem with Jamie is that the Kingslayer simply doesn't have much of a place in the show since he's come back from Dorne. He has no mission, no real purpose other than to support Cersei, the latter of whom I predict will be alive for as long as the resurrected Mountain is around to tear apart anyone that threatens her. 

So while Cersei is a dominating factor in King's Landing, Jamie has barely spoken with the King, and only then to convince Tommen to speak with his mother. If his only purpose now is to be with his sister, that seems like he's pretty ripe for death. I'll give it 50/50 Jamie survives this. Strangely, he's become far less interesting the moment he returned to King's Landing, even if the Dorne storyline as a whole was disappointingly dull. 

Tommen Baratheon – Dead


Since Season 4, the Iron Throne has been occupied by the same King. Despite the fact that Westeros and Essos are aflame, that's still a stability we haven't seen in quite some time. With the crown's conflict with the Faith Militant, it just seems like there's some sort of foul play afoot for poor Tommen Lannis– I mean, Baratheon. 

There's also a prophecy that's pretty close to coming true. 

Lancel Lannister – Likely Dead


Cersei's using Kevan Lannister's son to get the Hand of the King to fight against the Faith Militant, but the attempt to bring Lancel away from his religious fervor will likely end in his own death — if he doesn't kill someone else along the way. 

High Sparrow – Probably Dead


The stalemate has to end, and so does the High Sparrow's reign of pious antagonism toward the crown. With the Lannisters and Tyrells effectively joining forces against the Faith Militant, it seems as though a blade has the Sparrow's name on it. You don't just lock up the Queen and the Queen mother and expect there not to be consequences. 

Tyrion Lannister – Alive


It's Tyrion. He unchained two dragons and they didn't kill him. He's got to advise Dany as she prepares for her war on Westeros. There's far too much wine left in the world for him to not be there to drink it. As long as he's got Varys around to keep his ego in check, he's got a long, albeit difficult, life ahead of him. 

Jorah Mormont – Dead as Dillinger


With his stoneskin infection spreading rapidly, it's just a matter of time for poor Jorah. His death will more likely than not be the final incident in Essos before Daenerys takes her dragons and armies and begins her march on Westeros. No last-second cure is coming for Jorah. 

Ramsay Bolton – Exceedingly Dead


It's a long time coming, and with conflict between the Starks and Boltons upon us, with Littlefinger getting into the mix, we're going to see the collapse of the House Bolton with Ramsay's very satisfying death. The funny part is that Ramsay himself will have been responsible for weakening the house so much that his death will leave all of his holdings without heirs. 

But yeah, the show's most clear-cut villain has had his time, and now that the long torture of Theon Greyjoy and Sansa Stark has come to an end, Ramsay's getting his due by season's end. 

Daenerys Targaryen – Alive


Dany's simply unkillable, and that streak will easily continue throughout the end of this season. 

She's got an army, three dragons, and Tyrion Lannister. She'll be fine. Those in her sights, however, will not. 

Littlefinger – Maybe Alive


The son of a bitch just finds a way to not die. That's his skillset, and it helps that he doesn't seem terribly interested in the Iron Throne, or any throne for that matter. The only thing that might kill him is his weird transferred-from-Catelyn love for Sansa Stark. 

Brienne of Tarth – Alive


The world's not done with her, and she's not done with it. Her sword is going to taste quite a bit more blood before her time is up. Though I doubt she'll make it to the end of the series, sooner or later Jon Snow is going to leave Winterfell, and Brienne at Sansa's side is something I'm far from tired of. However, if she and Tormund end up together, then we've got problems. 

The Rest: 

Varys – Those Little Birdies Will Remain At His Beck And Call

Dolorous Edd – Alive

Qyburn – Alive

The Mountain – Alive-ish (for now)

Tormund – Maybe Dead

Podrick – Who Knows

Bran Stark – He's Fine

Rickon Stark – Please No, Enough Starks Have Died

Hodor – I Will Start A Riot, Leave Hodor Alone


How do you think the sixth season will shake out for our characters?


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