The Highest-Earning Celebs of 2013

Matt Dekneef

Let’s take a walk down a memory lane…paved in money. Forbes’ annual celeb money list lays out just how much the most powerful and influential stars made this year.

Highest-Paid Celebrity of 2013: Madonna

The “Material Girl” icon’s MDNA tour was a stellar success with fans arriving in droves to dance and scream along to her endless songbook of hits. The tour earned an astronomical $305 million and made her the top touring act in the music industry. Then there are the merchandise sales: clothing, fragrances and portfolio investments to factor in. She tapped out at $125 million. That’s more money than she’s EVER earned.

Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple of 2013: Jay Z and Beyoncé

These two are more than just music. With their forces combined, Jay and Bey rock out on top as the celebrity couple with the most in their joint bank account: a combined total of $95 million. His Watch the Throne album with Kanye West went certified platinum and the first leg of Beyoncé’s Mrs. Carter World Tour made an average of $2 million per night.

Highest “Overpaid” Actor of 2013: Adam Sandler

Not exactly an “honor” to be at the top of this list, considering that it basically shades Adam’s star power. For every dollar that Adam was paid, his films this year returned an average of $3.40 according to Forbes’ calculations, which is an underperforming number for the comedian.

Highest-Earning Dead Celebrity of 2013: Michael Jackson

Even in death, Michael continues to command top dollar. His legacy is still more profitable than most living entertainers, which speaks tantamount of his celebrity when he was alive: $160 million earned, a bulk grossed by his two Cirque du Soleil shows and his Mijac Music Catalog.

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