Homeowner: Amanda Bynes ‘Must Have Been High’

Madison Vanderberg

Last night Amanda Bynes was caught starting a fire in a random person’s front driveway near her father Richard’s Thousand Oaks home.

She was arrested and placed in an involuntary psychiatric hold (also known as a 5150 hold).

Now, the woman who owns the home that Amanda was trying to set ablaze, is talking to the tabloids and claims she thinks Amanda must have been “high.”

“The man from the fire department said she was ‘whacked!’ Acting all strange,” homeowner Bonnie Braaten tells Life & Style, “I think she must have been high on something.”

The guy that called 911 also talked to reporters telling them that after Amanda spotted him watching her light the grass and driveway on fire, he attempted to talk to her, but she ran away.

Amanda then tried to get into a cab, but the guy told the cab driver not to let Amanda in the car so he drove off and left Amanda to deal with the cops.

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