Hostess Desserts Unveils New Twinkies Ice Cream

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Getty)

Ice cream is great – especially when it has chunks of baked goods nestled snugly inside it.

Similarly, everyone loves the delicious taste of Twinkies.

The decision to combine these two delicious foods was inevitable.

Hostess, the company that makes Twinkies, has teamed up with food giant Nestle to produce a range of ice creams based on their popular cakes and treats.

Twinkies ice cream is but one of these new flavors of ice cream, which also includes SnoBalls and CupCakes.

Source: The Impulsive Buy

These ice creams were originally announced at the end of 2016, but now consumers have been finding them of store shelves across the country, leading to mass excitement at the prospect of eating delicious frozen Hostess ice creams.

It’s not known how well distributed these ice creams are at present, but it can be assumed that plenty are going to be making their way to stores in the coming months.

That said, you might want to stock up while you get the chance, as Twinkies ice cream and all other versions of this product, are strictly limited edition desserts for the moment.

While Hostess may choose to produce more if these sell well, there’s no way of knowing how long you might have to wait if you’re after more ice cream.

So if you do manage to get your hands on any of these flavors of ice cream, savor them, as they may end up being in short supply.

Alternatively, stock up while you can – the good thing about ice cream is it’ll keep nice and safe in your refrigerator’s icebox until you can get your hands on some more.