Hours Leading Up to Amanda Bynes’ 5150 Hold

Emma Collins

Last night, Amanda Bynes was involuntarily placed in a psychiatric hold, a 5150 hold, and now we’re learning all about Amanda’s bizarre behavior that led up to the incident, including her pantsless trip to Bloomingdales and the fire she lit in some random person’s yard.

As reported by TMZ, Around 5 p.m. Amanda went to Bloomingdales in Santa Monica in just a baggy grey t-shirt and a messy blonde wig.

Yes, she went to Bloomies like that.

Amanda must have taken a taxi from the beach to Thousand Oaks. Around 9 p.m. she was found in the front yard of a random person’s house in the Valley, lighting a fire in the driveway. The crime scene was about a block away from where her dad lives.

Cops who arrived at the scene found Amanda carrying a little red gas tank and had burned part of her clothing.

The homeowner was an elderly woman who had no idea who Amanda was.

Amanda is now placed in a 5150 hold and will remain there for up to 72 hours.

It’s not clear what will happen to Amanda AFTER those 72 hours are up. If she is deemed “mentally stable” and NOT a harm to herself, she will be free to go.

But lighting fires and burning your own clothes doesn’t sound harmless to us. 

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