How Can ‘The Incredibles 2’ Possibly Live Up to the Hype?

Matthew Loffhagen
Disney Pixar
(Photo: Disney Pixar)

If you’ve been on the internet this past weekend, there’s a good chance you may have seen the teaser for The Incredibles 2.

Short and sweet, the biggest, most important thing that this teaser reveals is that yes, there is an Incredibles 2, it’s being made, and It’s coming next year.

This, in and of itself, feels like a triumph. Fans have been calling for a sequel to The Incredibles since approximately two seconds after the credits rolled on the original film for the first time. Considering the cliffhanger ending of The Incredibles, it always seemed like Pixar had planned to return to this well again eventually.

We’ve enjoyed sequels and prequels to Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo, and Monster Inc.

We’ve tolerated two sequels and a spin-off for Cars.

Now, finally, The Incredibles 2 is nearing completion, and we’re going to finally get to see the most highly anticipated film that Pixar has ever made.

The original Incredibles practically reinvented the superhero genre – or at least breathed new life into it at a time when it was still caught up in the same old secret identity tropes that had been circulating since the original Superman movie.

The film was colorful, energetic, wacky, and fun, while simultaneously being grounded, familiar, and believable. It told a deeply personal story about a family through exploring larger-than-life concepts. There’s a reason why many fans consider The Incredibles to be the best Fantastic Four movie ever made, and it could also be argued that this movie proved that superhero team-up films work on the big screen, paving the way for The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

So how can this new movie sequel possibly live up to the hype?

Source: Disney Pixar

With so much fan excitement surrounding this movie, the idea of The Incredibles 2 actually satisfying its audiences seems like wishful thinking at best, and utter foolishness at worst. It also doesn’t help that Pixar’s best days are clearly now in the past.

The last truly spectacular Pixar movie was probably Toy Story 3 in 2010. The last film that did anything original was Inside Out which came out in 2015. The studio has been filling time ever since, with passable but not particularly noteworthy films that haven’t really done anything too special.

This isn’t because the magical Pixar spark has been erased – instead, it’s just been assimilated.

There’s a reason why Pixar’s movies have become somewhat more generic at exactly the moment that the Disney brand movies like Tangled, Frozen, Big Hero Six and Zootopia started wowing moviegoers.

There’s not really a difference between Disney and Pixar at this point, except perhaps that Disney’s studio gets all of the best talent. The Pixar that made The Incredibles is gone.

Hence, a teaser which, yes, is very cute, but which is essentially a rehash of Jack-Jack Attack, the short film that was made to show off the adorable little baby’s super powers.

There’s no new original idea here. For the first teaser for The Incredibles 2, all we really learn is that the new movie is more of the same. That’s all audiences want anyway, right?

This isn’t to say that there won’t be any original ideas in The Incredibles 2, but if the movie does go in a bold new direction, Disney doesn’t need to show it off at this stage. It’s enough to simply announce that this movie exists.

Here’s hoping that this film does have some fun twist that’ll make it stand up with the best of the classic Pixar movies.

In the meantime, though, it might be best to start anticipating that The Incredibles 2 will simply be a good, pleasant experience, without redefining the superhero genre the way that the first movie did.