How Chris Brown Reacted to Crazy Fan Breaking into His Home

Haley Dodd
(Photo: Getty)

After a crazy birthday weekend in Vegas, Chris Brown returned home and was welcomed by a very unusual guest. 

When Chris arrived home he found a naked woman hanging inside his house! Naturally he took to Instagram to show off the crazy woman who was shown draped in CB's towels. The singer detailed what went on inside the house when he was away and it's actually kind of nuts. 

First, the "Ayo" singer wrote that the crazy superfan legit broke the hinges off his doors and busted right in. 


The 21-year-old fan not only broke into his house, she also cooked herself meals AND painted the singer's walls and cars with the words "I Love You." UMM WHAT?!

She wasn't done there, though. The crazed fan even went and threw out his daughter Royalty’s clothes! Breezy also mentioned that she had “crazy voodoo things” around his house when he returned. What kinds of voodoo things??? And why is she sitting so casually on the singer's stairs? This has to be the craziest fan story we have ever heard!

TMZ reported that the woman was taken to the police station and was charged with felony burglary and felony vandalism. GEEZ. We're so glad everyone is safe! 

Breaking into someone’s home is scary enough, but messing with the man's cars and clothes is just beyond! 

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