How Miley Cyrus Spent Her 21st Birthday

Madison Vanderberg

Miley Cyrus is finally the legal age to drink, not that it matters because she’s been singing about sizzurp and partying for years now, but whatever!

Last night after the AMAs, Miley celebrated her 21st birthday by partying (sheprobably STILL is partying, actually) at Beacher’s Madhouse, her favorite nightclub in LA. While we wait for pictures and details from the night to trickle in (surprisingly, she has NOT Instagrammed anything), here’s what Miley did for her actual birthday.

-Someone bought her this giant M, covered in flowers.

-Her photographer friend Vijat Mohindra made her a rainbow cake and Miley called it “the gayest cake ever.”

-She laid in bed on her actual birthday and took naked selfies.

-Her dad bought her a three-wheeled motorcycle that cost more than a Honda Civic.

-Her home was burgled on Friday night and jewelry was reportedly stolen, which makes us feel like the Bling Ring is at large again.

-On Sunday she performed at the AMAs and Kelly Osbourne gave her a cupcake backstage. 

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