How Much Is a Paparazzi Photo of Your Favorite Celebrity Worth?

Matt Dekneef

A Rolling Stone writer spent two weeks with a paparazzo—riding shotgun in LA while his subject snapped photos of stars like Amy Adams having brunch and Kim Kardashian exiting an airport—and out came this fascinating profile on that subset of the industry. 

For every photo taken, there’s a price tag attached. Throughout the article’s star-chasing-and-gazing adventures, the paparazzo reveals the going rate for some of these recognizable figures.

Isla Fisher: $500


She could be doing something as pedestrian as shopping and the photo could pay about half your rent.


January Jones: $500


With her kid, she’s worth double that—about $1,000.


Kylie Jenner with hair in her face: $100


An obscured shot of the reality star fetches in the low $100s…


Kylie Jenner without hair in her face: $1,000


…but if it’s a clear shot of her and it’s a photographer’s exclusive, the price spikes to $1,000.


Gerard Butler: $60


He’s not the biggest draw, apparently.


Jessica Alba with a designer bag: $900


That’s because fashion houses will pay top dollar for a photo of a celeb carrying their products.


Amanda Bynes: $85,000

NCP/Star Max/FilmMagic

Amanda doesn’t yield this amount regularly, but when she was displaying questionable behavior following her DUI, images were worth thousands. It’s one of the more rare instances, but any time a celebrity flips out on a pap, the price for footage of said celebrity losing it skyrockets.


Kim Kardashian: $1,000


Kim is our generation’s most in-demand public figure when it comes to paparazzi photos.

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