How to Spot Bad Plastic Surgery

Matt Dekneef

In Hollywood, an industry fueled by fantasy, the line between reality and make-believe is constantly blurred.

Naturally (or not naturally…) that translates off the screen and into real life, sometimes in a plastic surgeon’s office.

When done right, a nip/tuck can be an actress or actor’s best special effect, but there are ways to discern if someone’s had a little work done.

Dr. Gary Motykie, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, has seen his fair share of operations and gives a medical point of view on how to identify the more popular procedures. We’ve paired his professional insight with our own celebrity exhibits.

Butt Implant – “A natural buttock is proportionate to the rest of the lower body and has natural lines and smooth curves. A buttock that has been augmented with implants tends to look unnatural since it may be out of proportion with the remainder of the lower body and it may have a ‘bubble’ appearance.”

When in doubt, if you have an opportunity to touch a buttock, “implants also feel much firmer than a natural buttock.”

Exhibit A: Nicki Minaj

Boob Job – “A ‘good boob job’ can be virtually undetectable. However, when inappropriately large breast implants are placed, it can be obvious that a woman has had breast augmentation based on the size of her breasts alone.”

Other signs: “…a ‘bolted on’ appearance of the breasts or excessively round appearing breasts…”; “…implants placed above the chest muscle…”; “…very thin women that do not have a lot of their own breast tissue to camouflage the presence of an underlying breast implant.”

Exhibit B: Tori Spelling

Facelift – “If the face is over-pulled it can give a very unnatural ‘wind-blown’ look to the face.”

Also be on the look out for “over-filled fat grafting or artificial fillers”; a “cabbage-patch doll” appearance of the face.

Exhibit C: Joan Rivers

Liposuction – “When done with the patient ‘awake’ or too close to the skin, lumpiness and unevenness of the surgically treated areas can result.”

Exhibit D: Tara Reid

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