How to Treat a Woman According to a Justin Bieber Music Video

Madison Vanderberg

Justin Bieber is one suave 19-year-old. Boys, listen up, you could learn a thing or two about the opposite sex by watching a Bieber video.

This is how you treat a woman, according to a Justin Bieber music video.


Always pick your woman out of a crowd and announce that you are coming after her. 


Always give your girl a preview of what she can expect in the BOUDOIR by shaking your penis through your pants.


When doing body rolls with your girl, ALWAYS play the part of the big(ger) spoon.


But when you don’t want to do body rolls, stand completely still.


Announce to your girl where and when she can expect to kiss you.


When you touch a woman, pat her down like you’re waxing a surfboard.


When she’s taking pictures of you, get as close to the lens as humanly possible!


This is the highest compliment you can give a woman.


Always date women who appear to be at least a decade older than you.


Girls love being dizzy. That’s their number one favorite thing.


But mostly, the ladies just want to see you MOVE THAT BODY!

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