Why You Shouldn’t Watch the Latest “Jurassic World 2” Trailer

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Universal)

I do not like the latest trailer for “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”.

In fairness, I didn’t exactly like the earlier trailers either, albeit for very different reasons.

Up to this point, the promotional footage for this movie has been very carefully selected. The first trailer for the movie shows basically nothing of the plot; instead entertaining us with clips of big, angry dinosaurs and specific callbacks to the original movie.

Clearly, someone at Universal has finally realized that this lackluster trailer isn’t all that exciting, but in a staggerly bad piece of planning, the studio has now swung in the opposite direction.

Where the first “Jurassic World 2” trailer was boring for its lack of content, the newest trailer gives away pretty much the whole plot of the film.

Go ahead and watch it if you want, but I really can’t recommend doing so. There are more than a few moments where big plot twists are revealed that ultimately make the entire first half of the movie pointless.

This trend is frustratingly common with movie studios who in any way doubt their products.

Giving The Game Away

When I watched “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, Sony had spoiled enough of the movie in trailers that I already knew, beat for beat, everything that was going to happen in the movie. Even the cute Captain America cameos had been spoiled for me.

Ditto “Batman v Superman” – there was no point paying attention to the first two hours of the movie, because I had already seen a glimpse of the big bad end fight, and I knew where the story was going.

Now, “Fallen Kingdom” falls into this same trap. Where the first trailer was overly secretive, I now already know what the film’s big twist will be, and I’m not sure that I can be bothered to tolerate the first half of the movie as a result.

Movie studios need to stop treating audiences like we’re idiots. A good trailer gives away a little of the plot without being too descriptive – showing too little makes for a boring preview, but this kind of oversharing flat out ruins the entire film.

Universal could learn from the latest “Deadpool 2” trailer, which I think is fantastic – it sets up the main players of the movie without giving us too much information, and crucially, it shows off just how vibrant and fun the whole film will be.

Surely if you’re playing with dinosaurs, it’s possible to cut together two minutes of cool footage without having to tell us beat for beat everything that happens in the film.

Oh, and as an aside, Jeff Goldblum’s line at the end of the trailer feels far too similar to Woody Harrelson’s line in the “War for the Planet of the Apes” trailer. Both are equally stupid.