Why The Internet Is Hating on Bill Nye’s New Show

Matthew Loffhagen
Bill Nye Saves the World
(Photo: Bill Nye Saves the World)

We all love Bill Nye. He rocks a good bow tie, his face is pleasing in an angular way, and, of course, he’s a Science Guy. Who doesn’t love science guys?

Bill Nye’s new show, however, is ticking off a large portion of his otherwise loyal fanbase. While Bill Nye Saves the World has been billed as a spiritual successor to the classic Bill Nye the Science Guy, fans of the original show aren’t hugely impressed with the level of scientific rigor shown in the new Netflix series.

In a lengthy rant that has quickly turned into a larger discussion of the ethics of scientific television programming, Redditor Sloth859 has expressed disappointment with the show, primarily because rather than stimulating a constructive debate by exploring a key topic (such as the paleo diet or nuclear power), Bill simply mocks any opinion that he disagrees with.

In response, commenters have been quick to agree with Sloth859 – this dumbed down approach to learning is, according to many, lacking in humor, and incredibly frustrating to watch.

If there’s one thing that the comments agree on most of all, though, it’s that, in a weird way, hating on Bill Nye has become a unified force for Reddit.

Poor Bill.

At least, among the widespread hatred for your new show, you can take solace in the fact that you are bringing various sectors of society together in harmony, as they kick the crap out of you on review sites.

It’s not much of a consolation, but it’s something.

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