Is “Big Bang Theory” Finally Jumping the Shark By Giving Bill Gates a Cameo?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: CBS)

People have been hating on “Big Bang Theory” since about twelve minutes after the show got popular.

It’s easy to take a jab at something that’s so famous, and with a lot of exposure, the nerdy sitcom has won its fair share of detractors. This is always natural for a show of this size, regardless of quality.

With the news that an upcoming episode of “Big Bang Theory” will feature Bill Gates in a cameo role, it is hard to avoid the feeling that this is something of a watershed moment for the series.

Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Amy
Source: CBS

Sure, other big tech superstars like Elon Musk have already graced the show with their presence, but Gates is the The Big One. The ubernerd. The ace in the hole.

The shark atop which Sheldon is now about to jump.

There’s no real going back from Gates as a guest star. He’s a peak of sorts; a celebrity appearance that shows just how popular this series has become. Gates can’t possibly be doing the show for the money, so it’s all about the status of being a “Big Bang Theory” guest star.

In other words, it’s all downhill from here.

Let’s face it: the appearance of Gates in the show probably won’t be some big, bombastic event. Nobody’s going to tune in just to see the Microsoft guy hanging out with Sheldon. This represents just how pointlessly trivial any spectacle within “Big Bang Theory” actually is, now that the show has gathered this much speed.

Essentially, “Big Bang Theory” just became the new “Simpsons”, but “The Simpsons” is at least cheap to make.

For “Big Bang Theory”, after Bill Gates has appeared on screen, there’s not much to do but slowly slump away into mediocrity. This will quite possibly be looked back on as the final moment that the show was actually worth paying attention to.

Or, alternatively, “Big Bang Theory” will carry on forever, and audiences will continue to love and cherish it. That seems likely, right?