Is Brie Larson’s Green Captain Marvel Costume a Middle Finger to DC’s Green Lantern?

Matthew Loffhagen
Just Jared
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The first pictures of Brie Larson in her Captain Marvel costume have been taken, snuck from the set of the movie in an adventure that was probably a better heist story than Rogue One.

The costume looks really cool, but there’s something a little odd about it. Instead of being the traditional red, blue, and gold, Larson’s Captain Marvel is instead going to sport green.

If this makes your inner fanbaby scream with rage, that’s totally acceptable – this is a needless alteration to a popular costume that makes utterly no sense, especially as it only serves to highlight the similarities between Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel), and Hal Jordan, better known as the Green Lantern.

DC comics has a superhero called Captain Marvel that has needed to change his name to Shazam because Marvel essentially snuck in and sniped the rights to the Captain Marvel name when nobody was looking.

In practice, though, Carol Danvers’ story more closely resembles that of the Green Lantern, another of DC’s characters.

Both Danvers and Hal Jordan are military pilots. Both come across a mysterious alien from another world, and their encounters leave them both with the power to fly through space and do a bunch of other cool stuff.

Green Lantern
Source: Warner Bros

Previous reports had suggested that Marvel’s upcoming “Captain Marvel” movie would give the character a new origin so as to draw a distinction between Danvers and Jordan, but then Marvel went ahead and made Cap’s costume bright green.

If anything, this looks like Marvel is sending a huge middle finger to its closest rival. The “Captain Marvel” movie has already stolen the name of its titular hero from DC, but now the studio is also aiming to monopolize the green-clad cosmic superhero aesthetic, making life more difficult for any future attempt to bring the Green Lanterns into the far less well received DCEU.

This does feel like a pretty cheap shot. The DC movie universe isn’t exactly doing great at the moment, and now Marvel is kicking them while they’re down by beating them to the punch on making a Green Lantern movie.

It’s also a bit insulting for Marvel to change Cap’s costume color in the first place – it seems like a needless change that doesn’t actually bring anything useful to the table.

Captain Marvel
Source: Marvel

Perhaps the logic is that there are too many red heroes in the MCU. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, Ant Man, and Falcon all feature red in their costumes, so making Captain Marvel green certainly makes her stand out more.

That said, considering that Marvel’s logo is red, it does make sense for the studio to stick to a red color palette for their films. Green characters do exist – Hulk and Gamora to name but two – but it’s weird for Marvel to want to make Captain Marvel green when she’s the hero that literally carries the company’s trademark name.

It’s also been teased that “Captain Marvel” will feature shapeshifting green-skinned aliens, skrulls, as part of the plot. Make Cap green also will make it difficult to tell what’s going on when the scene is filled with identically colored characters.

Unless, of course, these photos of Brie Larson don’t actually show Carol Danvers at all. What if this is her in costume as a shapeshifting skrull, who’s changed entirely to look like Captain Marvel, but has got the wrong costume color by mistake?

It’s unlikely, but it’s worth hoping for – the alternative is accepting the fact that Marvel has decided to take potshots at DC just to be cruel.

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