Is Disney Afraid to Show us Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo?

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

It feels awfully suspicious that we haven’t actually seen much of the Han Solo movie up to this point.

The imaginatively titled Solo, the new film will be Alden Ehrenreich’s first appearance as the titular smuggler, as he cruises around the galaxy in the quest for a decent haircut.

Lucasfilm clearly thinks that this movie is going to be a big hit. Reports suggest that after the film’s original directors (Chris Lord and Phil Miller) were fired, their replacement, Ron Howard, has reshot pretty much all footage from the movie, effectively doubling the film’s production costs.

Yup, for the price of fixing Solo, Lucasfilm could well have just released the original improv comedy version of the movie that Lord and Miller made, and then released another, different film as well.

So it’s pretty clear that Lucasfilm wants to get this project exactly perfectly, right, rather than put out a movie that doesn’t quite fit with their vision of the future of Star Wars.

What’s interesting throughout all of this is just how secretive the studio is being about their main man. We’ve seen various pictures of Alden Ehrenreich on-set as Han Solo, but never anything official.

Even this cup picture, widely touted as a first look at the new star, has proven to be the work of an unofficial artist.


So why is Lucasfilm so cagey about giving us a glimpse of Ehrenreich? Surely a simple photo would have gone a long way to easing fans’ concerns that this movie might be going off the rails a little bit.

In truth, the reason why we haven’t seen an official picture of Ehrenreich as Han Solo yet is probably connected to the same attitude that convinced Lucasfilm to entirely remake this movie.

Everything has to be absolutely perfect. Any flaw or misstep could risk the Star Wars brand, especially when it comes to a beloved character like Han Solo.

The problem is, to truly prove that Ehrenreich can fill Harrison Ford’s boots, Lucasfilm can’t just give us a photo of him. We all already know that Ehrenreich doesn’t look the part – he’s instead, apparently, been chosen because he brings gravitas and sardonic wit to the role.

So we need footage; a trailer of sorts, or at least a teaser, that shows off just how well Ehrenreich can play Han. It’s hard to release a trailer when Lucasfilm doesn’t actually like any of the footage that they had from the original shooting period.

Solo Cast Photo
Source: Lucasfilm

So, that’s why we’re still waiting on a more official look at the new Han Solo, even though his movie is still technically scheduled to release in just six months (that’s very unlikely, but Disney refuses to update their release schedule).

We won’t be getting a first look at Solo in the near future, either – not with The Last Jedi just around the corner. Lucasfilm wants to keep all focus on their next big film without making things more confusing.

But merchandising needs to be printed, even if we haven’t actually seen anything of the movie that it’s based on.

The cup above might not be officially licensed merch, but don’t be too surprised if we do get future glimpses at this film from T-shirts and action figures, rather than full, impressive teaser trailers.

The House of Mouse needs to make money, after all.